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mortem of certain horses which had been over-driven, and showed

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under treatment during one particular short period, when for some spe-

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ferous tubules; sometimes the epithehum of the convoluted tubes is

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very similarly to the human bacillus, producing a generalised outbreak

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growth within the lung of a special microbe — the pneumococcus.

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and about one and a quarter inches of its lips, discharged a little sero-

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On the 19th respiration 35 ; pulse 68 ; temperature 40° C.

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The peritoneal sac may contain more or less abundant, clear or

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drugs which, like arecoline or pilocarpine, stimulate secretion. Last

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tressing forms of disease I never expected relief; but now I declare I am perfectly

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numbness in the course of the large nerves, together with more or less

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and they were fatal ; but one recovered ; and I find a somewhat similar

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Representatives in the General Couneil. — The following members were

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whatever the degree of dilution, it usually produces more or less pro-

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that he was to leave his friends in this country, felici-

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that could be done ought to be done to render impossible the recur-

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nerve in cases of /k douloureux ; in another, pain, redness, and tume-

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a number of new tumours were scattered throughout various regions.

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suffered during movement, and strains of ligaments probably play

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distinctness of the farther tree is so slight that I may fail to notice it ;

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noidal sinus contained foetid pus. In the region between the posterior

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to ;!^I7 :4 : 3, leaving, in Dec. 31st, 1869, a balance of I2s. id.

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there a murmur unless a valvular lesion simultaneously exists, or

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not succeed, he could not but look back a few years and notice what

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centa prajvia, attended by haemorrhage. After delivery, the soft pre-

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various lesions, which were unsuccessfully used for inoculating other

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to a large number of distressed fellow-practitioners without publicity or

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bone was seen to be partially necrotic. The dead part having been

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