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amount of attention paid by the patient to his condition. I
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the methods of examining the ear. As in former editions,
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departures upwards as well as downwards, that is, whether
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Hamilton, E. T. E., M.B., B.S.Lond., F.R.C.S., appointed House-surgeon
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sent volume contains those relating to muscle and nerves and
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with which it deals, although we cannot say that it carries our
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in the Kala Hari Desert of South Africa. The climate was
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Mr. S. Snell, Sheffield; Surgeon-Major A. M. 8.; J. P. Smith, M.B.,
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and if this did not occur a secure joint could be obtained in
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PUBLIC DISPENSARY', ^9. Stanhope Sfreet, Clare Market.-Physician.
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by the driftwood and tropical products found on the coast
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Colyton. (D) Mr. G. F. DulTey, Manchester ; Disgusted ; Delta. (B)
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cases, dilfered from Dr. Meredith in his diagnosis, and con-
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Cassal, together with a report of the discussion which took
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tion " to which Mr. Clarke alludes 'r" If it be not, we do not
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attending on, or called in to visit, the patient, shall etc."
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RrssELi , in answer to Sir J. Gorst, said it was not conteniplated that the
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proved pretty conclusively that it would not suffice to legis-
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sumption. Brompton, 4 p.m.— Dr. J. K. Fowler : Cases of
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L. Pagliani. XVII. Dermatology and Syphilitic Diseases, Professor T.
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(a) Complete blindness for the time being, with no gross
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of small-pox precautions which he has also forwarded seems deficient
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(.»ffice of the JouiiNAL, and not to his private house.
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, o£ the brow and slightly to the left of the middle line i'5 an elongated
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i'«r.^;cr.(/.— H. H. P. Cotton, Westminster Hospital; E. C. Drake, West-
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Government. But, on the other hand, many of the most
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sides others on anatomy and physiology, all written by lead-
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In 1860 he went to Alnwick as house-surgeon to the Aluwick
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does so, and undertakes to lake the patient to see Dr. A. as soon as she
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examined, however, was small and much crushed by forceps.
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to the Starling, March 2nd ; Beauchasip F. Parish, Surgeon to the Cam-
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posed, in view of the new interpretation which had been put upon the
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the proprietors of these papers should receive ample pecuniary
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tion, the spreading necrosis and caseation. Or take the
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Db. Bbt-\n Rigden (Canterbury) writes ; I was sent for to Mrs. E., who
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Where to buy flonase nasal spray: than the other, besides being injurious to the health of those. buy flonase without a prescription htemorrhage had been very copious whilst it lasted. exami-