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while a few miles from here, just over the Canadian border, they have 1 to

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Harry Lee Huber, Ph.D., M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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ysms of pain, which are interrupted by wholly painless intervals. Anatom-

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to distinguish it from true tabes dorsalis. It is easier to confuse multiple

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How important this glycogenic degeneration of the kidneys may be has not

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French investigators assume that there is a particular " syphilis a virus

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secretion of gastric juice in several cases of migraine. The patients' general

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sider inflammatory changes, flat foot, etc. Sometimes we cannot discover any

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that even a previously sound brain is not immune from the affection.

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(especially the nucleus for the internal rectus) with the abducens nucleus is

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The kidneys are usually enlarged, from functional hypertrophy. Ehrlich

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again and again. His thoughts can never attain the certainty of belief, nor

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separate years. The Illinois law requires further that all applicants who graduated since July, 1923, must

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William Henry Gooch, M.D. Edin., Ventiior, Isle-of-

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a German *' gymniteium," or a proof that he has obtained a similar general,

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Wilber E. Post, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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Cambridge students who have kept four terms, and passed the General

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and to give it out again in normal fashion, and that therefore there arise,

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perhaps upon a (reflex?) spasm of the glottis, and may attain a very alarm-

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1 IdonttfieMfm rnoA Control eii CaemmictLhlmlTooe^tis, Dls«atM

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The Different Forms of Sensibility (Cutaneous and Muscular Sensibility)

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water and plenty of nutritious food, seem essential. Cathartics, especially

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Conception and etiology. — TThile myelogenous leukgemia is due to a dis-

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ments are just the same as in genuine epilepsy. Numerous cases of disease

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oer second. The milk is propelled under a pressure of about 2.500 pounds oer sauare

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ment. Tumors of the cerebello-pontine angle especially have been repeated^

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ooUege or a university recognised in England. The matriculation

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per mensem. At the termination of the third year, candidates, if, after

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Scotch and Irish Universities; General Practice; Surgery; Foreign

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evidence of previous medical training, moral character, &c.

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extensive arteriosclerotic changes in the cerebral vessels frequently produce a

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marked and permanent contraction, the paralyzed parts show a peculiar stiff-

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circumstance that faradic "muscle stimulation/** after all, is produced only

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glycosuria. In the severe form of diabetes, on the other hand, the excretion

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multiple sclerosis, since this also conies on in youth, but Friedreich's disease

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