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studied medicine at the Geneva and Albany colleges, and graduated

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Allen. Dr. F. H. Orme of Atlanta, Ga., presented a satisfac-

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A Practical Treatise on Urinary and Renal Diseases, including Uri-

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diseases as vertigo, chorea, epilepsy, hysteria, neurasthenia, etc.

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Spanish. In revising and editing this the eighth edition, the

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to be put into capital letters before people in general will either

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pursued considerable research in various leading European centres

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An unusual portion of the time of the Worcester-County

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of human milk is alkaline. Other marked differences between

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Ward's Island Hospitals, he went to Europe for study and

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authorities on their respective subjects, and have been

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fellow of the American Surgical Association, and of the American

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world-known under his teachings, and those of his col-

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applied only to demonstrable substance; a "dose" of the dis-

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In other cases the appearance of the characteristic changes in the bones is

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complimentary terms its satisfaction with his work and the personal

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Presbyterian Hospital for some years, and attending surgeon at the

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non-penetrating, wounds ; simple penetrating wounds ; penetrating

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Contact fractures with large splinters, either of a simple or a

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ing as the day advances, and lasting for three days at a time :

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and slightly cut ; dried blood about the nose ; no other contu-

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the bowels, even soft stools are difficult to void (carbo vegetab-

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out is necessary ; large dressings renewed at frequent

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contaminated by shreds of clothing that have penetrated

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contaminated by the urine and the faeces. When blood

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dressing will be prevented by more bandages. This dress-

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Allen M. Thomas and Charlotte Proctor Smith, both of

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before it can " come to forty year " and the ripe wisdom inci-

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tains fifty beds for the treatment of diseases of the throat, nose and

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ing the evidence of morbific change in some degree. These

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pharyngitis, especially when the food, for want of gastric juice,

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or that is situated in a focus of suppuration, must be removed.

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Deformities of the Neck, the Thyroid Gland, and the

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necessary to confine his practice absolutely to the specialty.

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Dr. Richardson's warm, true heart and unselfish dispo-

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be the more inclined to speak of a " chronic rheumatic polyarthritis," where

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