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bitten in the thigh, by a daboia Russelli at 3.22 p.m. ; the dog showed,

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bowels sufficiently open without causing uneasiness, and usually

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ment by the employment of other and better means than carbolic

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making a prison a kind of moral hospital to cure incorrigible

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other means fiave failed, unless we are forced to it by tracheal stenosis or

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ful of Dilution V. He has seen not infrequently a reaction after ^/^o

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awoke she partook of food, and again slept quietly for four

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much, not increasing any in size, and passing no feces. The temperature of guinea-pig

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Experiment 6. — Guinea-pig 55, wt. 660 gm., received o.i c.c. Ext. BIR (preserva-

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no pressure at room temperature, warm water is brought around

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reactions of proteins have been made with mixtures of proteins

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stage of the disease, there is found simply effusion of synovia, with

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The suggestion is frequently made that the tubercle bacillus

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1909, and 245, April 17, 1910, and others occurring sporadically.

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a guinea-pig that died in 6 days was divided into portions and

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bronchitis with abundant secretion (see p. 285). To them may be added

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gestive of blood-poisoning, and such exhaustion and debility were

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thousand per cubic millimeter.^ But we are acquainted with a

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on the occurrence of exophthalmic goitre. Mayo, on the contrary, em-

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have too little of a bad thing. Perhaps we have taken this

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applied, and covei-ed in by means of a piece of gutta percha tissue.

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tical writers (Abercrombie in particular) have experienced in recon-

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Witch Hazel. — The author has often obtained good results from the

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and may be peeled off in a single layer taking with it pieces of agar.

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till a deep lumbo-sacral curvature is formed in the upright posture.

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In all cases, then, of uncompensated lesions, particularly of the aortic

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Tadacip 20 opinioni: again in the thigh by the same bungarus ; the dog evinced no sign. tadacip 10 mg price fig. 2. — smear from infected hand. case 5, demon-