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rhage, Jaundice, Acute Peritonitis, Acute YelloAV Atrophy, Hematoma
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minute, and repeated in four or five minutes, the patient in the mean
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liant results in the New York, Eoosevelt, Presbyterian, St. Luke,
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important to distinguish these physiological differences between cold and
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complication. I have observed symptoms identical Avitli those of menin-
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ulcerative) ; gastro-intestinal catarrh (of the duodenum and rectum in
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Rheumatism an Infectious Disease — The Bacillus of Rheumatism —
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on the lower side of the barrels. This tartar salt is usually in
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edly diminished, as a rule, during convalescence. Indeed, tlie oligo-
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monstrating that its " tonic" effect is very pronounced.
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note the specific gravity of the liquid, and this denotes the
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tuberculosis varies exceedingly, though from the collective investigations
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It follows f rom this complicated nature of hydrotherapy that exact
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rhage, Jaundice, Acute Peritonitis, Acute YelloAV Atrophy, Hematoma
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Inasmuch, therefore, as the external parts of the body are well de-
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105°, 106°, or even 107° F. (40.5°-41.6° C.) are common. Hyperpy-
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of the patient displace this bandage, which has been applied loosely to
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morning in a small portion of water would make him thin, he
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Clinical History. — No characteristic symptoms attend upon its in-
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they are liable to ferment. According to Dr. Neish, the hut
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as soon as the slightest tendency to carrliac failure is shown. The evi-
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Many of the newspapers of the early times still hold sway,
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bricks, and can be purchased from the general seed dealers.
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which compose the sense of touch. The latter is composed, according
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other acute infectious diseases, notably cerebro-spinal meningitis, pneu-
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the surroundings are unhygienic, or in cases in which the child has been
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neurasthenia and the group of mild psychoses. In addition thereto
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Jefferson College, wrote me on October 16th, 1890 : " I confess to having
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A relapse is a repetition of all the characteristics of typhoid after
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to arouse in them by reflex action such a degree of innervation as may
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cffering or nndertakim; by any means or mcrluid tn use the same
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patient, whether, for instance, his skin is in an ordinary condition or
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ties dwarf better than others. Some pear-trees require to
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driven in abundant flow through the kidneys, thus accounting for the
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Interesting practical observations on the effect of the drip sheet
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Most of the methods for dehydrating food in vogue up to ijuite
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surface is shown by the fact that persons occupying the upper stories
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and keeping it at perfect rest. The following ointment may also be
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or only slightly above the normal night temperature in the evening, the
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forming to the same rules as in typhoid and other acute infectious dis-
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me to favor the divided doses rather than the single large ones. The
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possibility of overlooking hyperthyroidism. This is best accom-
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tion should not be subjected to procedures which abstract much heat.
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however, the fibrinous membrane infiltrates all the layers of the mucosa,
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