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times amounting to delirium. In such cases, it behooves us to make

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Lughat-i Ni'met-ullah | a well-known Persian-Turkish Dictionary | By Ni'met-ullah.

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Ends (2, 7 r°. lines 7, 8): Perchui lhuman lignaggio e facto degno. | — : FINIS: — [red

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prostitutes ; but Kron's observations show that there are more

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rietes, and yet the process of chylification was not in the slighest

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away portions of the new growth. On the fourth day the

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nephritis, but, in the majority of cases, no such history can

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fully confirms the opinion expressed of the safety and rapidity of the

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experience of the respective fighting powers of Mercutio and

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flocculi ; the whole contents of the bladder being soiled by

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destitute of odor, or to exhale one that is preternatural in its char-

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of treatment: for this thing is a matter of course with the French.

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irrigator {vide infra), or by a syringe with a capacity of 2 ozs.

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writers, extremely puzzling. It is not unusual to find Gram

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paper fly-leaves (v 2 .), v, 1. made (with iv, 2.), v, 2. attached (over iv, 3. 4.). 21, 8 v°.-io v°.

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ers, to have a voice in the election of the councils of the respec-

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paper fly-leaves (iii 2 .). || i 7(8 >, 2 8 -5 8 , 6 7(8) , f, 8 10 -n IU , 12 12 , 13 10 , 14 12 , I5 8 -I7*, i8 c(s) , 19 8 ,

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pletely covered with the end of a finger. Let the solution of the

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that he still had the jaundiced color. He wished to be taken

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therefore, regard this condition as, in every instance, giving all the in-

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muscle. These points are strikingly illustrated in our little

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