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the layers of the broad ligament, the ovum had become
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I, frankincense 1, se^epet-seeds 1, syringe into the ear. Another-
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thi)US4nd bodies from St. James's Churchyard, St. Pancras,
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of the Shanghai River, the temperature dropped on January
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men who have lived in leper countries the greatest dis-
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day after operation. He also has an aneurysm as large as a
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him for many weeks, when I was acain called to him, and told by Dr.
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(3) a man admitted for fracture of the Base of the Skull ; tlie
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where time was of the utmost value, and those in which
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some distension of the abdomen, ami wakefulness in all but
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verification of the fact of death and the identification of the
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there I used to receive from some ot my farmer patients a
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the University Council the Business Committee was ordered
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only a trustworthy sign when considered in connection
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mission, quite as much as I did last year when I went to
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hydatids could be discovered. The child recovered and left
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Mr. Ernest Hart said that so far as he gathered the feel-
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Penang ; Mr. G. T. C. Barber, Birmingham ; Dr. Campbell Black, Glas-
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gauze was deeply and firmly placed in the left side of the-
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one of the main causes being that hydrocephalus is almost
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umbilicus about half an inch in length, an eighth of an inch
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composing the white matter is thrown into a number of folds,
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phenomena of labour, and having regard to the clinical facts
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1. The hajmorrhage, after removal ot the ovaries and tubes,
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illustrations throughout the book of dissections from the
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answer is, Does every such ca=e call for operation ? This will
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the best for what may be called hard traumatic catarnct. In
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