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that in liis case there was amaurosis of one eye and temporal
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and was at the capture of Fort Bu.xa, the Bala Pass, Tuzgaon Stockade, at
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I. M. S. writes : As illustrating the code of ethics of the Indian Govern-
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A CASE is reported from Vienna which may possibly again
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women are liable, from 65 surgeons and obstetricians of
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2nd, 18.57; became Surgeon, March 1st, 187.i : Surgeon-Major, April Ibt,
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Kimberley ; Dr. Davies, Transvaal : Dr. Eyre, Orange Free
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could further be broken up into three groups according to the
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stoppage of the heart, prevented the chloroform, which from
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Oliver's. In an experiment for twenty-four hours, the differ-
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purchase of stretchers and ambulance boxes at 33 stations on
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to discuss this interesting point fully in Part II othis work. His chief
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College of Physicians of London are now fixed. The Milroy
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evacuations of cholera patients, is generally not sufficiently
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celebrations the privilege might be the means of saving, not
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Surgeon- Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Waghorn died at Newport on
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bodies in the urine. The first test, known as the benzoyl-
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house-surgeon : " Says he feels nothing of his former troubles, and has
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which is inoculated subcutaneously in man, M. Haff-
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marked by high tension. 3. The general health must be
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the collateral veins, especially those of the penis, dilated. In
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caused the lowest death-rates in West Ham, Swansea, Wolveiliampton,
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the tissues. In the case of cancer, on the contrary, we have
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Every part of the large specimen, whidi is a complete
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for the proper teaching of therapeutics must produce better
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Bomford thought showed a possible clot in the cannula.
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There are two tables embodied in this important return, the first of
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issued recently, records a decline in the number of committals
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peritoneum. No record exists in the p'J.s^yHO)■(f//^ accounts of the nature
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pital on the same date was 3,299. against numbers declining from 4,067
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Mills (representing cab owners), and Mr. Hunting (representing the
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The various branches of the Medical Officers' Association in.
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in their constitution. With regard to the Hospital Sunday
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State of New York, tlie milk production of which is larger
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liest defence of experimenters is the truth, and tliat if there were no
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of one of the sporozoa (coccidium oviforme, Leuckart) which

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