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or microscopic lesions of the bone-marrow could be detected. The Bence-
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two cases B. perfringens, in one the same germ associated with B. proteus
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apparatus with ground-glass corks, although well cleansed, ordinary
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sorbents grow less active, the secretions and excretions are, for the
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lelism between the duration of X-ray exposure and the time necessary for
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to republish this Essay, which is, we believe, entirely out of print. We do it
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experimental with clinical observation, and to interpret the latter in the
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Under the influence of light as the urobilinogen diminishes
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condition was usually bilateral, one eye as a rule was affected much more
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Cough with paroxysmal expectoration (4 fotil, 3 bloodv) .... 10
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those founded upon mortality statistics. In the records of the
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abscess formation a few weeks later. The upper and middle cartilages were
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progress, and thus to cause a partial "fixation" of his emotional
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tion previous to the operation, or by post-mortem examination of fatal cases.
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bladder ; so but that upon introducing the catheter immediately
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significant. This case seems to fall into a group of cases of latent
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Lemoine maintains that investigation of local tenderness on pressure
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In such cases a Wassermann applied to the blood serum might
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thyroid feeding to maintain the metabolic balance. Of 207 cases operated
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mouth, and has more pain of right side over the hypochondrium.
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physical examination indicative of gout. There was no nephritis
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For a quantitative analysis of gastric contents the stomach must be com-
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i in ;!2i^i-;5;^i^^i^l^;^>io^i!i:±;;:;i^i^:2iJ;: i I
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in spleen and pancreas. The disease develops in childhood and is often
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coincident with emotional disturbances — "servant troubles," sickness of
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a new or unique form of nervous disease. Such a conclusion is erroneous
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medium stature and poorly nourished. The musculature is flabby. Skin,
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reversed loop come to rest in a cumulative mass at the proximal (originally
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and tell him what were the clinical manifestations in the cases with a

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