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although the lady herself had no consciousness of any such mo-

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normal, and she is able to get about with assistance.

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individual patient. The mysterious factors of what,

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fearful tensions because of the barking of a dog the

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recorded of the intervening period of his life. Dur-

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sinking of her pulse, that it was the collapse of exhaustion, and

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siderable size are perceived ramifying over the surface, and sending

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patient avoids the stimuli of light and sound ; all the secretions

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to assert positively, that the seminal fluid of the Acanthocephala

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tance of this question, I wish merely to report one

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tors and effectors, thus modifying their function in

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tragic circumstances of her heroic death have tend-

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war in the French, British, and Belgian services. It

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There is no specific predilection for attacking pan-

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from eleven to thirteen years ; six were epileptics ;

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when the cord is of an uncommon length, there is generally

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to note that the clause was not incorporated in the

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System," page 557, says : " Cystic growths in the brain are not

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rendered this fluid mush more coagulable than otherwise. Now

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finds a distortion of the clinical facts as he has ar-

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erning board of fifteen members to direct the af- Michigan 5,757 373,688

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nosis of influenza is often difficult. Three differ-

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lays stress on the fact, already noted by many writ-

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important place in the late treatment of infections.

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endermic method. Several days had passed without anything remark-

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withdrawn by the navel-string happening to be twisted around

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