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rubber finger-stalls. Salicylic acid, in the form of the plaster-mull, is a

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epithelium. The condensed white plugs of keratosed epidermic cells,

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natural .eruption, as in haemorrhagic small-pox. Deep-seated, copious

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rated to facilitate suspension. When Dr. Prunieres' collec-

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a Leicester farmer with his sheep. He insisted upon his

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of their unaided charms, perhaps because immemorial cus-

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nervous tissues produces the poison which so rapidly and profoundly

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more likely to be disturbed by general diseases than it is in others ; such

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1888. — Clouston. "Secondary Dementia," Jour. Ment. Science, vol. xxxiv.

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Negative characters. — Two negative characters of eczema should also

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this moral. Inherited syphilis was traced in no more than 1*17 per cent

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it was officially reported to the Horse Guards that the late

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Some cases [for example, Hallopeau's (16)] described as originating

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useful in securing for the patient a quiet night, free from irritation and

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abnormal appearances are observed. The cells of the rete are large, and

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etc.) are recorded. Phthisis, too, is often found in the family history :

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are now inclined to restrict the name " Sclerema neonatorum " — the skin

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alteration of the walls, leads to what has been called (in reference to

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