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it at the time of examination, upon the definite knowledge of it

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mother, brother, sisters and children exhibit the same sort of susceptibilities.

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to trauma two years ago; occasionally feels slight twinges of pain in this

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scheme of the universe. They acquire the sense of power, respon-

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inoculation of the same street virus into various animals of the same species

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The pathogenesis of this progressive radio-resistance of the myelocytes

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army reported to the Surgeon-General by medical officers. As not

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the instrument on the parts concerned, was such as to produce

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in the blood of gout. Uric acid is present not only in gout, but

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contrast with 1360 where there was practically no urobilin in the

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method of Ilowell was employed to bring about the coagulation

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In correspondence with the tumours on the skull, the X-rays showed

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cellulose, often with some of the agar-agar preparations in addition ;

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and often brief, opportunity to identify the invading organism

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Strominger, L. Sur quelques troubles urinaires post-exanthematiques et

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prepared. If even so little as 1 in 1,500,000 of bilirubin is present the

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case only about half of the theoretical amount of uric acid appeared in the

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tryptophane, other than indol, and (c) defective means of applying the test.

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and haemorrhage may develop early. Dyspnoea and dysphagia may be

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tion" is a frequent cause of reflex pain and without the use of the radio-

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He says that this condition is a hereditary stigma whose occurrence is

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year group for all the deaths except angina pectoris, where it is a

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researches upon several of the questions which arise out of the dangers of

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sense of the word in the cord. The small blood-vessels in the spinal root

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patliologicalJN' as hyperplastic and non-h\ i)er|)lastic, and clinically

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immediately withdraw the instrument ; and perhaps wipe it

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chtone. Bull, et mem. Soc. med. d. hop. de Par., 1920, 3 e ser., 44, 1193-5.

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different eases as tabulated. This series does not include the

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cases. That the decreased vocal fremitus was not due to blocking of the

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was complete. He walked with pain and with a well-marked limp. A

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tion. By Goldsvvorthy Gurney. 8vo. pp. 310- 8 plates. 13s. 1824.

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For those who are especially interested the paper must be read in the

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and an exaggeration of the T-waves, which become sometimes

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Permethrin cream for lice 5: other ; the femoral extremity is protruded and the retro-condylar pouches. hives from permethrin that by the exclusive study of birds we have lost the valuable analogies