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left bare. Sometimes too it fpreads itfelf over half

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and the Weftern and Ireland from Spain, fays, p. 150. " it

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rule in infantile diseases, is very variable. It may quickly become sub-

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difficulty of swallowing, imperfect vision with very dilated pupils, delirium,

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the deposition of other elements, such as calcium and phosphates, and a

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observing almost from its beginning. At first there was a small centrally

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ing from such septic diseases as hsemorrhagic enteritis, multiple arthritis,

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affected with an exceedingly irritable papular or vesicular eruption. The

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the griping. As the diarrhoea ceases, care must be exercised in returning

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nitrate of silver solution (10 grs. to the ounce), or solution of corrosive

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suffer most from gout, while white-lead workers escape. All my patients

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are often undermined at their bases, and are therefore polypoidal in shape.

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and I confefs that the Dodlor's arguments feem to nie next to ab-

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vomited matters may, in some cases, contain a little mucus, but it con-

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and frequently present the appearance of a pyaemia ; while in the chronic

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(1) Antenatal care, including clinical pelvimetry and diagnosis by ab-

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Line 1: Local Anesthetics. — This appears one of the most

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and alone due to the slowing of the heart rate through the vagus

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In this disease the region of the pylorus is occupied by a firm, pale,

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in animals there is no evidence of habituation being produced and in

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fingers and toes, so that the different phalanges become immobile in flexion

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largest number of cases of functional disorder of the organ ; and what may

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