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The bodies stain well with diluted Giemsa,Unna's polychrome methylene

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then falls off the more slowly since the activity of this substance decreases

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common serum prepared for other anaerobic species such as B. oedematis

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icteric during the fever and for some days later. (2) Corneal lesions. 23

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In dealing with the question of the ozone content of X-ray room air

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this form of pernicious anaemia with early spinal symptoms had not become

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Eberth. [Experimental investigations on articular lesions caused by

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over with a whitish milky-like fluid.' — pp. 39, 40.

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coagulation of the blood advanced by Howell' suggest the pos-

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4th. An unsually severe paroxysm last night, could jiot lie

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venous injections of sulpharsenol were commenced at once, 12 injections

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dence of a definite pathological change in the enlarged liver of

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bv a resort to those which have a different effect.

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to some extent the principles worked out by the leaders of this

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degree of the bilirubinaemia. The study of the fibrin content in cases of

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and no essential difference in coagulation time was noticed. W. B.

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in spite of clinical evidence of an outbreak of secondary or tertiary syphilis.

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tendency of nature in our Illness, by Mercurials, and gentle

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The importance of a nervous predisposition in the aetiology of lethargic

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variously estimated at from 1 to 20 per cent, by different authors. Wile

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more or less, so that a greater quantity of the urobilin absorbed

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loose and cast off, and tumefactions there do subside. The

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quently produce a natural ptyalism : Mercurials used with

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of November, an eminent practitioner was called and attended

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the indispensable amino-acids required by the body for growth may not

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previously and frequently treated by X-rays and in those treated by closely

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Cases of Convulsions produced by eating the rind of the Cucumber. By S.

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use of mercury and iodides, the relatively slight influence of these

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ment be common to them both. Farther on he alludes to opi-

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even more in complex movements cannot possibly be good. Therefore

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will cause their dissertations to be sent to either of them (pos-

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During 1898 he served throughout the Spanish-American war in a vol-

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infection was one by the organism of this disease ; they incline to accept this

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ulcer by bismuth adhering to the raw surfaces is now practi-

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the acute, sharp onset, nor does one get the impression at any time

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