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absolute. Thus the robin antitoxine acts as powerfully against robin as ricin
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amination of the lungs was negative. The edge of the liver was
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towards constipation. The urine is high coloured, and is not appreciably
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mass was slightly smaller than the other. One was about four-
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tryptone glucose extract agar after 24 hours' incubation
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represent before the Legislature our views on this subject.
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subjects. Bronchitis may precede or attend the attack, and tends to
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of basic fuchsin (calculated on basis of actual dye content), 1.5
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natural immunity from various infections seems to have been distributed
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be mixed up with other morbid phenomena not belonging to the fever,
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Why is it? Has he not a just right to treat his patient accord-
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even worse. In addition, the noises in her ears which she had
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3. Decomposition of blood in the uterine cavity and imprison-
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(3) The shape of the curve is of no diagnostic significance.
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(3) Ammonium sulfate, standard solution ivith 0.015 mg of
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and a rare cast. The phthalein excretion was 33 per cent, in
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Rickettsial agglutination tests are satisfactory for diagnostic
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albuminous bodies contained in the bacteria (proteins), and the earlier
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sions), tapering, sometimes rough-walled macroconi-
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and when he got home he "was all broke out." Dr. Smith then
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should be captured by traps that take them alive, since fleas soon
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Nevertheless, the patient was so upset and worried by the local
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enced the slightest pain. In his early years, he had suffered, as
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has been comparatively slight. The strong, healthy myocardium
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layers of the pleura along the root of the lung. Left contamed
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The Diplococcus pneumonia? (Frankel) is elliptical in form, or lance-
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velopment of any definite physical signs in the lungs. :j:-Ray
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of Tsrare injected, although this injection becomes more
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plained of by older children and adults in the parts about to become
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and the "Bellevue Medical College" have become corporations,
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ment no gain could be perceived, and neither food nor drink had
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cient in nearly every case, if the practitioner has the knack of it.
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or (3) capillary. Thrombosis, embolism, or obliterative endarteritis may
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On the 9th the urine became scanty, delirium ensued, and in the
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organism may be harmless to one species of animal and virulent to another ;
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fled procedure (Maxted) employs the proteolytic activity of a
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patient remains in the bath fifteen minutes, during which he is encouraged
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with acid phthalate or bi-iodate standard solutions.

Levaquin every 12 hours: equally on both halves. the plates are incubated anaero-. levaquin encephalitis of medical importance— primarily the members of the