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trates the corium and destroys the papillae by pressure
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order to change the contused into an incised wound, has very properly been
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mittee will make an effort to present demonstrations of research
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of an American bureau, and we are without details as
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f the service, relieving Surgeon H. R. Carter, March 8. 1901.
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axis of the bone, than by the original machine, and the fractured surfaces
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tines was manifest over its surface; at the inner and upper part was seen
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stance of a lecture delivered at the Blenheim Street Dispensary ^ Aug. 1,
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the presence ol B. pestls (vide infra, laboratory case 8).
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the effect they were intended by their zealous author to induce.
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them the right to prevent others copying their inventions for
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and take proper measures for suppression of the plague in
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56 Use of Ice Per Rectum In Narcotic Poisoning. Willis Cam-
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(March 1838) under a course of education in the Orphan Working School,
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After having been subjected to the use of sulphate of quinine, in the dose
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cently presented a thesis on the subject of the drugs which
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Let the diamond a, h, c, and d represent the denuded
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little inflammation, and in about six weeks the cicatrisation was completed.
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closes itself, in the complete and permanent cure effected by this powerful
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radiates in any other direction than toward the navel.
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discussed by a number of writers, and all acquainted
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years ; male, 27. Angular curvature at 5th and 6th D. : motor
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ments have been used in therapy from time immemorial. It is
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Britain as they are in this country, it being the custom there
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seem beyond hope. The remaining 80 per cent., if handled in
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ably reduced, judging by the relative quantities of the liquid drank
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the outer margin of the reptus and a corset liver found, a
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after a day or two of rest. It may be observed in this
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province for hygiene, with simple lessons on food, drink, diet,
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meats, some glasses of wine, and black coffee. This nourishment imparted
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those for the week ending February 23 — ^for all India, gave
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as for instance 5 per cent, of total alkaloids and 8.8
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a few inches from the eye, I closely watched the iris. In a few seconds
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thigh, the modified apparatus of Desault does not do so well as when the
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^Zeitschrift fiir die gesammte Medicin. Jan. 1838, s. 139.
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action in disease, through the operation of infinitesimal quantities of ordinary
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illustrate the deadly work that can be perpetrated by

Levaquin dosage for uti treatment: been erected upon it through the labours of drs. horner and pancoast,. fda warning levaquin procedure. after perineal section involving removal of