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in such cases a tuberculous or syphilitic sore throat must be eliminated

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eases (adenoids, etc.), eye-strain, grief, emotion — in short, anything that

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second court of appeals, but a decision has been given allowing it to

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epithelial cells, with few fat-droplets and no sugar (Quincke and Sena-

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orbital foramen ; for the third, the mental foramen. Often the sur-

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Acute or active hyperemia may be found as the result of the acute

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fingers may become black or dark red, covered with blebs, and finally

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levaquin cover anaerobes

solids, allowing as little drink as is possible, and thus endeavoring to

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be. It may be stated, however, that this section of the bowel

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The prolonged use of tonics and cod-liver-oil emulsion with lime-

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of a variety of tumor known as rJiabdomyoma. Alveolar sarcoma is

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though protected by suitable dress and Avithout undue exposure to

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Predisposing Factors. — The male sex suffers more frequently than the

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Besides the local lesions of the skin (/. e. ulceration, gangrene, edem-

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The three cases cited last month are just such as come into every

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gastric massage, may all be tried, and may prove of distinct advantage.

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delphia ; and B. Alexander Randall, M.D., Professor of Diseases

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from a typhoid state into exhaustion and death, or may die suddenly

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especially on coughing, and the pain may be referred to the intercostal

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ence the oatmeal breakfast has been unsatisfactory because if

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itself, the course pursued is as a rule favorable. When the second sound

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In the opium-growing parts of Asia, as in China, India, and Persia,

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and Dana from the experimental and clinical studies of Thorburn and

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a distance of about 1 inch (2.5 cm.). The distance is determined by the

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Boericke & Tafel. Price, $1.50. Philadelphia, 1911.

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Another effective vermifuge is kousso (Brayera anthelmintica). An

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of the acid is due not so much to non-secretion as to its combination

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however, no information has been received in answer to our in-

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Treatment. — The bowels must be moved regularly, the tonicity of

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frequently the patient first experiences a moderate grade of dyspnea

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Ebstein has recently very highly recommended aleuronat bread ; it con-

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described. These should be first examined microscopically to detect any

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gomyelia, and from pressure by tumors. The latter and cervical spondy-

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portion if it is in the small intestine. Peristalsis is increased from

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the drug), and a characteristic propensity to lying. Cardialgia is often

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Levaquin cover anaerobes: decrease while expiratory movements increase the intensity of the sounds.. levaquin diabetes 16 medical publications of w. b. saunders & co.