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With regard to Yienna, I may add that all universities in the
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Optional : Elementaty Mechanics of solids and fluids (comprising the
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perpetual, £6 6s.; Surgery, £5 5s. or £6 6s.; Anatomy, £5 5s. or £8 8s. —
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and are enabled to determine its position and extent. Its size, of course, varies
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such as Kraepelin's theory would imply. At present, at any rate, we are at a
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slightl} T altered, so that the sensor}' nerves are manifestly unaffected by
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ists). These perversions may be congenital, or the} r may be merel}' symptoms
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one hour, all members of the different staffs. M., 4:30.
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medical classes. Students are recommended to commence their medical
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Note. — These are hospital externships in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics-Gynecology, and Pediatrics.
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^scope, the ophthalmoscope, and other means of phjrsical diagnosis.
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ted much oftener through the female than through the male members of the
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downward with considerable force with the thumb, dorsal extension of the
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position make upon him. Indeed, it is sometimes absolutely impossible to
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gotten while the father was intoxicated became epileptic.
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wooae boxes) and out in storage at 40 F, or less, 30 it will narden before H is
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velops behind the mastoid process, and headache, general toxic-infectious
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limited leave of absence upon his finding a substitute who shall be
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<s^il7^^jfr^ iftvl^ '^Ji^^i^T^^®"^ prod;«:t$. The U.S. Public Health
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the soJ.ids content. Cottage cheese is often made from ntilk which delivery men pick up
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surgical out-patient department. Obstetric Assistcmti This appoint-
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come either in an attack of delirium, or he may pass into a stuporous state
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half the body or paralysis of one limb, or there may be aphasia, although it
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Weil has lately contributed to our knowledge of this disease the results of
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thymus), and would substitute the conception of a "lymphatic diathesis"
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cerebral diseases, such as meningitis and tumors. Besides this " secondary
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general convulsions, very rarely have any clinical significance. Finally, it may
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hospital or the dental department of a general hospital.
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about progressive muscular atrophy. It is uncertain whether the primary
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ances, the comparatively frequent occurrence of herpes zoster. The pain pre-
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ment, as evinced by convulsions or palpitation (pills of extract of valerian,
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symptom of which is paroxysmal loss of consciousness, In typical cases tli§
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virus Is extrwely stable, and cm rmtin "^Ive- ft>r up to 30 tlayf outside of a host;
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4md Dressers : These are appointed in the nsnal manner. The offices
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Joseph Lancaster, M.D. St. Andrev/'s, Clifton, Glou-
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two months of his hospital praotioe, except by special permission of the dental
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Rasmussen, Richard A., a, w, sp, Sheridan, Mich. A.B. (Olivet C.) '36.
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grows, one symptom of paralysis is added to another, and that often the ad-
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Interest of the govemtnent and of nonappropriated fund activities by determining contractural
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2. Cholesterol, This Is a sterol. Together with vitamin 0^ it takes
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