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oxide had been reduced thereby. Non-saccharine urines of

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teristic of vagus stimulation do not in the least indicate any

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show, is not disinfected. Distemper is largely spread by

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549, namely. 260 males and 289 females, and of these 110 were patients be-

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of the board suggested by the Lords. He merely pointed out

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thrown into spasms when the tumour was pulled, but after its

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the introduction of the bougie ; in the majority of cases it

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by MM. Ogier, Bordas, Schiltzenberger, Villiers, and

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W. M. writes, in response to "Cosmos," that he has known phenacetin,

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the protection of tlie Colonial Regulations. On the other

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Dr. Rolleston referred to two specimens of malignant dis-

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very interesting and philosophical address not only reflects

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latest, and also the most approved, details of aseptic and anti-

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distal portion of the subclavian be connected with the left

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boards of studies in each faculty ; (2) incorporate with the

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The following gentlemen having passed the requisite examinations

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Union in the case have been eagerly looked for. — I am, etc.,

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Jouknal of the Association ; and in 1858 (with Mr. 1\ Taylor

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have gone a step further, and made the cook or steward, in

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Hood, to be Surgeon and Agent at MuUaghfnore. January 14th; OCTA-

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to deny that the issue of such advertising handbills drags the profession

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for an indefinitely large quantity of cholera poisons. It is in-

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dtawn out to the same thickness as the platinum wire. Con-

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ceived that comparative anatomy and physiology must be re-

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iu September, 1S92, and was progressing favourably.

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reached the lowest point ever recorded. The marked rise in

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produced a red raised area, at no time an umbilicated

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Carlisle; R.D.Jameson, Trinidad; J. Macgown, Cunibrae • M j'

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No hernia was present. The patient was a man of cleanly

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the matter coming before the Lords Justices they relaxed the further

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granted by the warrant, therefore, whatever else may be eliminated, this

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Throat and Ear, F., Operation I)ays.—\. Th. F., :!.

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guidance of School Bo.ards, Teachers, and Students of the Art ;'wiin

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DUNDEE ROYAL INFIRMARY.— Medical Superintendent. Applicatinne

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Royal London Ophthalmic. Hours of Attendance.— Da.ily, 9. Operation

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ward with interest to this opportunity of enabling them to dis-

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few callings which do important jobs and to take the advice of the surgeons

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terrible figures is given in the report in the following words : "An indif-

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