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I believe the effects of Belladonna were known to mendicants

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SociStS de Biohgie Man th of March right amblyopia

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Dr. Stein referred to a case reported by Dr. Neftel as

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enlargement appeared on the lower jaw directly under the en

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The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association

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scribed will be a large one and that it will be ac

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but being under the care of Dr. M Knight Wilson it is possible

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sponging or baths and this is especially necessary if hyperpyrexia is

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evacuated owing to bombing and fear of another drive. Only

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in the fauces. This is sometimes called diphtheritic croup

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If you have in mind the ery striking appearance of some patients

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afforded by the usual digital examination. The sphygmograph is an instru

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The use of opiates require caution and should be entirely suspended when

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does not pit on pressure makes its appearance in the vicinity

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opportunity as I uniformly do of any which presents

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fore the fact that she is rendered sterile by the operation

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I found complete occlusion of the right nasal passage extend

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of time into the Committee on Membership and Finances. Ulti

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break through but they more often develop afterwards inter

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is accompanied with chills and marked fever and is almost invariably

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therefore I believe can and does occur through the intestinal

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He replies to the objection that the effects of this blood poison are

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ticing clinicians in all fields. When necessary subspecialty

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is a linear grouping at this location that is on the side

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