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or three months until June, when the haimorrhage became more fre-

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reason why the frecal fistula should not be afterwards closed,

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opinion; such an opinion can only be given after repeated

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by a brief description of the general anatomy of the nematodes.

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an open question. It has been observed that those accus-

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correspondent of the Meteorological Office, who is now at

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Place, Manchester Square, London, W., by tlie Very Rev. Canon Barry,

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Mr. Oliver Pemberton. F.R.C.S , Trustee and President of tlie Council,

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articles of merchandise are only to be disinfected when

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Irom the bases of his lungs ; he was able to move his neck

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■GENERAL HOSPITAL, Birmingham.— Assistant HouseSurgeon. Board,

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tjatient himself expressed his de»p.air of any p,melioTation. «nd

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cal Officer of Health for the Scunthorpe Urban Saoitary District.

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as yet been received) was, for British troops, .503,5; native troops, 41. l.

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fessional courtesies and offices of goodwill which fitly express

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on an ave age, ten months, or about two winters each, at high

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affected by the reception of diphtheria convalescents. It was

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rate of mortality in these towns, which had been 21.9 and 212 per l,000 in

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in Cardiff. Gateshead, Hull, NewcastJe-upon-Tyue, fortsmouih, Preston,

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French capital. All the samples submitted to analysis were

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simulate sudden haemorrhage. He said in cases of shock with-

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MacGregor, M.A., West Church, Inverness, to Annie, only daughter of

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at the end of tlie week, and Poor-law buildings and shelters

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the workhouse. One death was registered a i duo to small-pox at Bolton

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wise in red ; the quantities ordered, jV drachm, \ drachm, etc.,

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view was first promulgated. Rauschenbach, one of Schmidt's

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ham, Middleton ; Dr. H. B. Greene, Southsea ; Mr. W. Gardner, Mel-

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stenosis and tricuspid regurgitation witli large pulsating

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protozoic bodies described in cancer. He showed a number

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formed the basis of my classification ; but time tails, and

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staU'of the hospital, and others were reported on by competent observers.

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of other representative medical officers of health, and of the

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ment, July 31st, ISW. He served in the field with the Cape Mounted

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unable to walk out. The heel was raised 3 inches from

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Beveridge, a. T. G., M.B., C.M.Aberd., reappointed Medical Officer, Aber-

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without any preliminary exploration of the sigmoid fiexure or

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Considering the large number of cliildren born that have

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Hyzaar forte 100 25: or to anyone connected with the system now in use, any. cozaar losartan erectile dysfunction servia, and sweden appear to be the only countries repre-