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immediate section was called for. Fie had seen very
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Nine years ago, to quote the patient, he began to no-
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the discharge, the hand injections at home are dis-
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ness of the right eye, and in three hours later with blindness of the left eye.
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applications of silver nitrate. I am sorry to state that the
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their evolution, one fact stands out boldly and seems
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V=6/xii — 2, previous to probing the sinus, and a blood
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cases of pulmonary tuberculosis of all stages treated
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the growth involved the right pneumogastric nerve ;
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until all the affinities of the food for acid have been
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To meet these objections the author begins the operation by a longitudinal
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girl in whom there had been 22 fractures from the most trivial causes.
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use of the word malignant is incorrect, "abnormal" or "grave" syphilis
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of Insanity and their Practical Result, after which
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Surgical procedures for the relief of infectious con-
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operation. Two methods of procedure are open in operating. Preferably
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or strangulation by tight sutures. 2. In many cases simple through-and-
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spec. Chirurg., 1865, B. ii., Abt. ii., Hlft. i. 365) gives a short but very
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duction of actual psychoses, in starting other psy-
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Serum-therapy in Diphtheria of the Eyes and Post-diphtheritic Palsies
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mal approximation of the ischia. Others have thought that a very long peri-
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makes over 1,000 reactions, since repeated reactions
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case has grown progressively less with each subsequent
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the blood of normal individuals from forty to fifty-
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efificaciously than the ])ercutaneous irradiation of the
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We can hardly see our way to agree with that, and if he will take our view
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streptococci occasionally gave a positive result. 5.
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sary steps could be taken for their transfer to the
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The loss of weight which is so often produced by the ingestion of
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The Health of Philadelphia. — During the week end-
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mode of infection must be exceptional. In all the writer's cases there was
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the urethra has been found to be of large calibre, and in several cases
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one served is not as likely to be infected as those
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rickets. Some of the reported cases exhibit a remarkable softness of
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no abortions. Her last period was on May 82th; on July
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remained satisfactory till August 17th, when it rose to 102.4° and the

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