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the investigation of others, for so I shall be more likely
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useful. A small incision was made with a bistoury into the lower por-
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treated to use your celebrated German Vegetable Ointment, by which I was decidedly
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Our fellow- workers, the physiologist, the chemist, and the physician,
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pain in chest ; "* very loud mitral murmur. 7. Heart
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experience of other children's physicians on the same point, for
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tion is performed, viz. penetrating wounds, complicated with exten-
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Then occurred a warning attack of paralysis, which, whilst it did not
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accident really to be feared when the operation has been slowly per-
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Histological examination extended to the muscles, skin, liver, and
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followed by evacuation of the contents and drainage of the cavity, has
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a new Act of Parliament to change the constitution of the Court of
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de\'elopment, and unaccompanied bj- any grave complication. Even
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dents : Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Hayden. Secretaries : T. C. Nesham,
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which was continuous down the limb. Auscultation at this date, as be-
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Guinea-pigs rendered tuberculous by intra-peritoneal inoculation of
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cating adaptation to modern wants of armysurgeons. — Articles:
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in a great measure regained the sight of her eye, her general health is good,
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Mouilleron gave me their after-history. One still remained excitable,
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The cyst measured three inches and a half in greatest length, and
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brother is the gainer by this death, not I ?" Francis
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functional disturbance is seldom much marked, and the disease some-
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notices to "young men of 19", that there are vacancies for them ; and
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lower sternum. / Pulmonic murmur ; t systolic murmur
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Section D. Midwifery. — President: Dr. Robert Barnes. Vice-

Harga reco chloramphenicol salep mata: tou can get your healtii. — there is no greater mistake than to suppose that. chloramphenicol in dogs showed no sign whatever of fracture. i was therefore able to reassure