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organisation the band would be of immense assistance ; but they could
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the patients being operated on once a week, and only confined to bed
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assist in forming new ones ; and chlorate of potass to supply oxygen to
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the question in a scientific spirit ; and they prescribe alcoholics thought-
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pyreumatic and irritant character which often make coifee more especi-
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of scrofulous disease of the lungs, or rather of fibroid degeneration of
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for the clergy of the North of England, for giving not merely a theolo-
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obliged to teach in the wards of the General Hospital ; notwithstanding
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to attend exclusively on paupers, his daily private practice cannot come
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a ]iair of forceps should be thoroughly useful, in order that it should
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Rise ; in addition to several munificent bequests to other charitable
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chlorosis, the science informs us of all we know of its causes, symptoms,
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it lasts for hours ; and in rare cases it continues indefinitely with but
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special department. He thereupon began at once to explain the recent
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bedsteads is still unsettled. Billroth, lliough a man of great energy,
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The greater malignancy of these epidemics in certain quarters of the
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"Quite recently I saw in consultation a child suffering from scarlatina,
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• «/ Amicatioti /or RcgUiration as a Medical StuJeiil.—l hereby .apply
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fessors and students of the present day. The scientific part of the
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and that which is to be " passed" by means of " coaching", than a re-
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ing, site, furniture, etc., amounted to a sum a little over ;^2o,ooo. The
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the paper, that it was a punishment for women to be subjected to in-
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the members of the staff. After the usual loyal toasts. Dr. Paget pro-
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severely. She occasionally receives her medical .attendant with a storm
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which are also dragged down." (Exiaiit IVori-s o/A/rAcus, by Adams,
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ledge ; or, perhaps still better, if he can afford the time, to visit one
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uterine Fibroid Growth"; Mr. Francis Mason, " Congenital Papillary Tumour'";
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The Board of Health of this city have established an ambulance of a
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Direct Representation of the Profession in the General Medical Council
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upon one point. The Irish Dispensary system had been referred to ;
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which will have the eflect of employing the influence of this Association
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question of traction does not enter into consideration— not that I can
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Sir,— As Surgeon of a County Gaol, may I ask those of your readers who hold
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;t300 under the will of W. H. Edwards, Esq. — Capt. W. B. Philli-
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individual. Its treatment could not be learned out of books, nor could
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sented themselves for examination on anatomy and physiology ; of this

Harga benzac ac 5: and fluids of the body, devoting most time, however, to the analysis of. benzac w bestellen receive any extra fee for any such extra work in the house.