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many of his countrymen, does not regard this plan as a decep-
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do in the bands of their hats. Furthermore, most women,
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strain and epilepsy. Among the scores of patients most
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the morning will surely bring a gain in weight. Long
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Prevention of attacks of piles consists in careful clean-
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ing causes, all are nearly inoperative unless to them is added "high feeding,
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men, and characteristically prevalent among women who
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is thus worked in here as elsewhere. Whether the imperfect
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lysis often accompanies certain diseases of the viscera, has long been known,
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who died within seven hours from the commencement of the attack.
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castor oil to establish a confirmed constipated habit,
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considering, viz. that it accords with the raii^all, without
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equally mild when applied to the human system. In general only a third of
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agreement among the different European governments as to the nature and extent
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which there if inability to retain the urine, a somewhat rare occurrence.
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districts, the mean duration of life in the first being only from 25 to 30 years,
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appeared somewhat greater in the case of the uvula than the tonsils.
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Earlswood Asylum, and in the out-patient department of the
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means by which its ravages may be arrested. More recently
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but a slight elevation of temperature causes it to change colour. Hor-
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present the striking peculiarity of interlacing and anastomosing
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sense, is a gradually organized result matured through expe-
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remain colourless, the alkaline fluid becoming yellow. Hffimatoidin,
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recently effused blood forming a layer on the surface of the mem-
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and found to possess equal, if not superior virtue to the sulphate of quinia)
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and frequent expectoration of thick mncosilies which had continued till then,
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real truth of these assertions, we have consulted the works referred to; and here
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Buccessfully employed, and he states that Sir James Simpson has also

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