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the inflammation is accompanied by death of a mass of tissue; simple
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Inflammation terminates in (1) resolution, (2) new formation, (3)
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be accomplished is to relieve the venous congestion ; it is to remembered
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it flows freely on pressure; it may be tenacious. When alcohol is
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foot and carried up along the side of the leg, will suffice to hold the
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Elevation of the Part is of great importance in inflammation of the
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nosis more favorable in the acute cases. I am confident that the early in-
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greenish color, with which shreds of lung-tissue may be mingled. If the
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companied by copious coryza and infiltration of the glands and tissues of
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It is most frequently met with in connection with pulmonary phthisis. Ab-
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The method by which it is made is as follows: The mucous membrane
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time it remains in the intestinal canal. When it comes from the "upper
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During the interval all violent emotions and all active physical exercise
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the prognosis is more favorable ti)an when it opens into the i)eritoneal
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will result in spontaneous recovery. The disarticulated cartilage forms
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of high arterial tension. The sphygmograph alone can always do this with
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elements undergo the same granular degeneration, which cannot be ascribed
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expansion of the ujiper jiart of the chest during a deep inspiration ; as the
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crescentic dots, which, after a little time, will be seen crowded together in
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may be extremely virulent and active, while others may scarcely pro-
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Large White Kidney. — In this variety of parenchymatous nephritis,
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farther outward in order to secure relaxation of the Y-ligament.
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of the bile, and derived from the blood by the action of
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and after several days reaches its maximum intensity. The symptoms
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Infective or Hospital Gangrene is said by some writers to be the
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amining this region in order to determine tbe presence or absence of pain
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is healing, the drainage should be at the most dependent point, but if
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development is one which experience does not sustain. The daily use of
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ment. The average temperature of the locality where it prevails must be
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tect lung changes, fremitus, expansion, etc., etc.; it is noteworthy that con-
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Women are received as pupils. They reside in the Hospital,
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of the organ, and will not close, as occurs in other soft tissues.
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best understood by classifying them in the following manner :
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undergo marked exacerbations and remissions. Swelling of the glands in
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1 Yellow Fever in Charleston, 1871, with Remarks upon its Treatment. Dr. F. P. Porcher, Charleston,
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thoracic cavity is opened ; it has a firmer feel than normal, and is more
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are, however, much more apparent after the lung has been blown up and
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attended by its ordinary symptoms, such as a cough with muco-purulent

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