Lanoxin And Heart Failure

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ing a large internal abscess for three weeks, the mistake being

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in order to ascertain the condition of the right kidney. In

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dectomy was discussed in the St. Louis Medical Review,

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to write, hallucinations in hearing and seeing, and epileptiform

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never been ill until Aug. 4, 1899. when he developed a severe

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deaths to t>lague, showing a decline in the death-rate in every

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Dr. Pyne, the registrar, states that all but 300 of the 2500

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to the true nature of the disease. In seventeen instances

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easily discovered by passing and pressing the finger

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of typhoid and the colon bacillus both probably representing

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last conference, which appears in the Joubnai, of June 16, 1900,

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similar chronic nutritional disturbances prepare the soil on

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Among the different communications made on other sub-

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typified in the Medicine Man of Civilization — sways the lives

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.S8. The muzzling ordinance was repealed, with the re-

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published are either treatises which are more suited

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Louis Bemheim, Butte, vice-presidents; Dr. Benjamin C.

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Students and Practitioners of Medicine. By Edmund Henry Col-

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abscess cavity was irregularly defined, and its limits could not

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present other evidences of a neurotic predisposition. An

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behind the sternum, are the most important. Attention

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sized,, round, hard, retromaxillary gland. I have to

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not associated with ear trouble, lest the latter follow.

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eration of the other symptoms presented, it seems prob-

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heavy satchels. On taking hold of the hand-rail with his left

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value only when positive. Even the positive results of the

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it with water from a syringe. The rectum was laid open and

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Buffalo, Minneapolis and Salt Lake City, and they have

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difficulty will arise. The Committee only suggests the-

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with knee-joint disease. Treatment, in an incipient

lanoxin and heart failure

ported by Russell, and which seems to corroborate the findings

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complete abortions in the early weeks, as well as the placenta

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abscess, periuterine suppurations, certain puerperal infections,

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regard to the general course of the stream, the left bank

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8. Bruce, J. Mitchell : Treatment in Practical Medicine, p. 198.

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