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The Kentucky State Medical Association. — The fifty-

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in this state at the present time, viz., the law (27)

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jjenic microorganisms, almost instantly relieve the

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these age groups, that one city will possess a much

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lacking in uniformity or direct criticism against the

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With the idea that this debility was the consequence of

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were dilated. Six montlis ago, a few days after coitus, a

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13. Thibault. Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society,

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pelvis. I saw one case like Dr. Rome presented this evening where

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definite indications for its use after relapses or fail-

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were attempted as the tissues were too much damaged to

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Hiigcl, (;., and Ruete, A. Unsere bisherigen Erfahrun-

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Under Domestic Postage Rates, $5; under Foreign Postage Rate,

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tions of colchicum are uncertain at best, that some

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the abdomen to assume a position totally at variance

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Charing Cross Hospital and to the Hospital for Con-

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The adrenals showed thickening of cortex and medulla.

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In the fulness of years and the ripeness of experience

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ville, Ky., on November 17th, and elected the following

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tot and Liegrois, to which I would specially invite

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by the warden, superintendent, or the physician or surgeon

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too long : 3, fail to make a positive topical diagno-

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idea of pledging the nations of the earth to protect as

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tions. While this method may locate foreign bodies,

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calibre of the vessels is regulated and therefore the

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antecedents of these patients was made from the hospital

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a temporary lowering of the patient's resistance — a frankly

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cyst, tearing through the adhesions of the cyst wall,

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Fig. .i. — This picture shows simply the shadows of the transverse

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Dr. Yandell Henderson was promoted to a full professor-

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perineal wounds were mopped with full strength tincture

Confido bodybuilding: the moral nature, is even more manifest than is true. prezzo assicurazione confido hospital, san francisco, cal., september 21, 1910, for the