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the absence of anaesthesia, the speech affection, giddiness, and frequency
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still persists, can be treated, and generally with success, by movements designed
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nection between the cyst and the vital action going on in the system
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effect, however, can be produced by such active exercises as call the whole of the
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rior, and of the rectum, formed into a pouch, at the posterioc part of this
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exist of three, four, or even five relapses ; each relapse is usually less severe
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delirium died, and 70 per cent of those with stupor or coma.
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cartilage or bone. These are derived from detached portions of the nodules
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j|tomach,,aojd the treatment corresponded with this pathological view*
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way in which poisoning by carbon monoxide occurs is from breathing air
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secretion which leads to great distension of the spaces in the tumour, and
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" The fatty liver is more frequently found in women than in otien, ia
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breathing more embarrassed, the pulse more irregular, and the general
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higher colored ; a peculiar state of skin, evinced bj a very singular foe-
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were covered with numerous abscesses. For twenty months the man
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sented himself with a disease of the left arm. He says that about three
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'* startling narrative of MissBrackett's imaginary voyage through the air,
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months, from what was considered neuralgia, but who, at the end of tbil
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hausting air pump was placed. A patient with a paralytic wrist put his
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The^right lung, on the contrary, was much diminished in magnitude,
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On Physiology, Pa:hology, Therapeutics, and Materia Medica, - - " Da. Wamm.
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stays in fashion at the time he Wrote, says, << Those who use them are
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hypersesthesia and neuralgic pains of a .shooting and of a constrictive
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lapsus Uteri, with reference to the modus operandi of Hull's Utero-a^
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well, looks well, and, to our apprehension, will soon return to his church
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tions of the cut surface around the ligature, which were not united by
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experiment having proved that tonsillar tissue when injected into animals gives
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more confidently from the abundant observation and experience of a ju-

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