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^Vhilst Mr. Sew-ill was at work at Briey with Mr. Arthur Norton,
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■ logy of Digestion and the General Properties of Blood. The first
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supervened; or the various mineral or vegetable astringents if a tendency to the
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GiBB (Newcastle) seconded the resolution, which was carried unani-
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tion of moisture, leads to contamination of the outer layers especially
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9 were returned from scarlet fever, and 3 from fever ; and a note in the
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phoses, which produce small yellow and earthy specks. These are some-
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Russell, Ebenezer Geer (Gold Medal), Guy's Hospital
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quests to contravene the action of the law and suspend the life-saving
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honiinem does not affect the doctrine which he supports. And it is to be

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