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3. LiEBBRMEiSTER AND FrInksl: Handbuch der spec. Path. u.

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1. Torhobst: Beitrage zur pathologischen Anatomic, 1904,

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whom we hereby offer our sincere thanks for this, as well as for the material,

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may be readily checked by this Department in such manner as the Secretary of Agricul-

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to another point in the United States or for local consumption.

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tance of myelography for accurate diagnosis and local-

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State Medical Association, do hereby humbly extend to him

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B. H. Rawl, who is in charge of this work, and conditions existing in

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shipment in interstate commerce as exempted from inspection according to act of Congress

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IX. An External Direct Method of Measuring the Conjugnta Vera. By

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in doses of 25 to 50 mg., repeated as indicated, is usually sufficient to bring relief.

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least ten labels or marks bearing the number of the establishment and the words

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assembled. Vouchsafe for them Thy protection and care

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