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nine, as above mentioned, had already been given by the mouth

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most beautiful objects in organic chemistry. By transmitted light

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much difficulty; retains the saliva in her mouth, and has more power over

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the rectum, very large and much distended, with meconium, applied itself

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themata, the eruption, breaks out in nearly every part of the body at the same

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causes of its sounds. I shall briefly allude to some cases of the kind.

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met with in the lateral lobes, where it lies imbedded, single or

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where cholera then existed, and one report stated that the outbreak

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as a specific poison inducing specific phenomena, there can be litUe doubt;

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a daily examination of so important a secretion as the urine

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fragment projected through the integuments; the limb was enormously swollen,

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hands and face were first affected; in case 29, the hands

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In every case in which Dr. Stewardson applied the mercurial ointment, before

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was very much inflamed. A poultice was applied to the ulcer, and at night

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the proper motor fibres. In order that decisive results should be

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Earope. During the summer months, two or three cases of

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priority 4. desires clinic, associate or partnership

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Hysterics, as mere tantrums or "cutting-up" is called,

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friends described it, until he was quite exhausted. He would jump

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pressed by that very convenient term " bilious,'' without any particular

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canal open ; and a vaginal pessary that gives indirect support to

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(Nassaa), amounted to 21, while in 1862 they amounted to 102." — * Beports of the

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return of bleeding. Professor E. Martin, commenting upon the case,

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t!ie interstitial cellular system, by which means albuminous deposit takes place

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Jan. 1787, Mr. Cruikshank delivered Mrs, Tylcotte, of Oxford Road, of

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the question of "taking cold." We will discuss the hy-

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gical Staff of the London Hospital occupy a volume of 499

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" The characteristic of living matter is the complexity of com-

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