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Upper Extremities. — Sharp pain in both arms, from the elbow
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thereon, favc only about the middle, where it has a
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adults. It is first discovered by a diminution of muscular power,
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beautiful flower , the middle Head being thick clofed
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placenta in eacli case was found to have been expelled from the
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exercise, it is always well to err upon the side of safety. Underdoing is rectifiuble;
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tary before the twentieth of the month to be effective for the following issue.
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were several sloughing sores on various parts of the body and limbs,
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but merely aims at ascertaining and arranging their effects. The im-
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ter of the Alphabet, we (hall refer you to its proper
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mediately under my care. I had the advantage of Mr. Eumley's as-
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be the largest gathering of homoeopathic physicians ever held. It
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a young woman, named Dillon, aged 23, and apparently of good con-
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ranges varying up to 38,000 meters, have enabled the guns to be dis-
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1919, without any prospect of again being released.
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iant and successful future for homoeopathy in this city.
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night for cough and stuffing of chest ; finds herself much relieved ;
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mation ; and had the man been free from typhoid symptoms, you would
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become new. Dr. Nichols spoke of the great changes that had been
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but to no purpose. They woidd generally observe in reply, " Oh ! tliis
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throughout the entire limb. Pressure on the tibial nerve caused pain
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bearing divert rows of flowers at the Joynts, one a-
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that since the first publication of my views upon medical education,
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cinator nerve began to be affected. There was no pain, the
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became exceedingly irritable. Opium in various forms and repeated

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