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well to inquire after any family history of gout, rheumatism,

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anemia serve to differentiate contracted kidney. The diagnosis

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the pain was much relieved by the use of an intrarachidian

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tinguish the flner differences of sound between the

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in the different asylums of the province. Dr. Coekbum has

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chill or prostration. In another group of patients the pseudo-

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of the military tone as the principles and practice involved are

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tions of the liver do not afford favorable conditions for the

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It must be evident that the germicides can not get down to

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legislature very wisely enacted, in 1886, a law that no

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mentioned by other writers. Because of the close rela-

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ileus with postmortem, Pleth accounts for the conditions by

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of hemoglobin is low the administration of the anesthetic

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Muscular resistance or rigidity is present in varying

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nose and throat, influenced by remedies which have an

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are deposited with the joint agent not earlier than May 20, nor

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Murray, Butte, president ; Drs. T. J. McKenzie, Anaconda, and

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which is determined by palpation and auscultation of

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the District of Columbia, extended an invitation to the members of

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the Fort Snelling line of electric cars, running west on

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where the patient can not afford the expense of subcutaneous

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opening made into the vagina, posterior to the cervix. The

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in operations like appendectomy, radical cure of hernia and

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Colombia : Panama, Aj>ril 16-22. 6 cases, 3 deaths.

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presence in moderate degree only would have some bear-

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cent., and the difference between the upper antero-

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inoculation to absolutely prove its tubercular character.

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