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sen, speaking of the different kinds of dreams, observes, "the
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less occupied with other subjects, till all others had disappeared. The be-
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do it \ Does it do any thing, in such a case, but injury? —
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Marchand's hydrozone added to four ounces of boiled water and
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now wandering over those plains, who would be glad to collect
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were avoided, for fear of a return of the disease in the places of
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bladder. By the time the blood has passed through the ar-
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27. "The Treatment of Cerebro-Spinal Syphilis"— A. E. Stern, Indian-
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which will do half the work of the balsam copaiva, if com-
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does to our miasmatic fevers. The poison of the one is brewed
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The surgeon who has been called upon to repair a sphincter
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ordinary antiperiodics. The catamenia appeared regularly. The mind
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though they may be going on to the base hospital in
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here remark, is favored by the success which follews its treatment
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anterior part, near the middle of the tumor. These seemed
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it freely to the whole congested and relaxed portions of the rec-
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ence given to the latter, is astonishing and inexplicable to one who has not
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so. To the following postulate w r e grant our fullest assent : " I hold
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minates in anchylosis without suppuration. Excision in these cases is not
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following a very capital pill : half a drachni of extract of colocynth, and three
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unfit to generate mechanical power for propelling the blood.
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April last, and discovered no other evidence of physical defect,
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Shannon, a cooper, living at No. 6 Jackson street, had a whitlow of the
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plan of organization, by which a closer union will be effected between
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toms which clearly showed that the head of the bone was upon
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In the subsequent experiments on " Sam," the circumstances
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notwithstanding the use of anodvnes and nourishing food, the
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We have thus given a hasty outline of the views entertained
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this proceeding is very easily explained, and is on the same principal which
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may be mentioned: At the outset — in a certain number hemor-
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Between Woodward Ave. and Qriswold St. DETROIT, MICH.
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protest against them as a mode applicable to rustic constitu-
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&c, with illustrations. Philadelphia : Blanchard & Lea, 1854. 8vo.,

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