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tion. In mania, delirium tremens, and other nervous disorders

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true only of overdoses. Its long-continued use in medicinal doses

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Usual Prescription. — 1^ Hydrochloric acid, dilute, gtt. x to

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Dr. C. F. Hoover read a paper entitled "The Functions of the

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cent, solution in half a pint of water makes a useful mouth wash

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decided usefulness. An eminent investigator of drugs says that

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causes the urine to pass through the tampon and remain in the

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Barosma crenata is diuretic, diaphoretic, alterative, tonic, stim-

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tannic acid. It is of value as an ointment in hemorrhoids, pro-

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and sores ; chapped hands and cracked nipples. By inhalation :

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small, movable, hard nodules. As they develop in size, they

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of water, of which a teaspoon ful is given from every half hour

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Altace mechanism of action: ounces. one grain of sugar exactly decomposes 200 grains of. ramipril stada 5mg tabletten quently due to congestion of the portal system, upon which system