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hfamting the eensibility of the nervous tissue of the organ, or o})eratin|r

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troublesome, racking the patient, preventing sleep, and wearing out the

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hesitate to administer them by the mouth, and almost always with mueb

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He will not permit the rich infant to be despoiled of his

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Contrayerva has been omitted in the present Pharmacopceia. It is

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toms, before the whole dose has been injected. In all instances, extreme

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8. Depression, amounting even to apparent prostration of the system,

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perhaps, be still further limited; for carbonate of ammonia, which I at-

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requiring stimulation ; being pressed from the fresh peel directly into the

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are much more excitable than the remainder. The great pectoral »ni

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covered by mixing it, in solution, with gum arable and loaf s^ugar, and

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(See Dumas, Principes de Physiologie, Tom. i. p. 183.)

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theory of the mechanical physicians. The fourth supposed

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