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this volume, which is based upon a series of lectures delivered from time

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rested by the compression that capillaries of the whole hemisphere

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in persons with delicate skins. The directions for the use of Vie-

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ing diseases, especially in diabetes, and shall only add a few words

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The radiogram (Fig. 3, Plate XH.) is the joint of the sound

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cases. My own experience with this method has been small,

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cure of glands thought to be caseous. I have seen them

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the pulse was below 100. The colour index rose, red blood

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As a rule, however, we must renounce the expectation of actually

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body. It is not unfrequently so modified as to resemble other dis-

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acne, and the next morning to rub off all the sulphur which adheres to

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I do not agree with most recent authors in considering the ques-

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TREATMENT. Prophylaxis. When the flesh of a slaughtered hog

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in the skin, which occasionally benumbs the pain. [A mixture of

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