California, Here I Come!
Posted On 29 Aug 2008
By Christine
*starts singing the theme song to The OC*

On Sunday I am going to California to stay with my aunt and uncle for an entire month! I'm really excited to be going and I honestly cannot wait! For the first time I will not only be away from my parents for longer than a weekend but I will also be somewhere that isn't on the East Coast!

Of course this means for five months all of my sites will go mostly unedited but when I return I have a feeling I shall return with a vengeance!

Until then....

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(Un)Successful JulNoWriMo, New Site, and Yet Another New Story
Posted On 03 Aug 2008
By Christine
Well, JulNoWriMo was mostly a success for me. Although I didn't reach 50,000 words (I only came up to about 20,000), I never would have written that much of Hearts Left Unbroken in that amount of time without the challenge. Plus throw in going to see a bunch of movies with your friends and well, that challenge basically gets thrown out the window. Which was fine by me, I need to be more social.

Not to mention the news that I now have da new site that is dedicated to the fantastic tv show Doctor Who and its spinoffs, The Medusa Cascade. It's open but not complete though I am working very hard on it to get it finished within the next week or so.

I also gave up Masi Oka Fan. I'm still a fan of his (he was amazing in Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control!) but not so much that I can keep that site updated as much as I would like to. I just hope that someone adopts it and gives it the tender loving care it deserves.

And in some more writing news, I got another new story idea via a dream. Which is surprising because I usually don't remember my dreams. I'm in love with the idea and the characters so far, now to find out where the story takes me.


JulNoWriMo, a summer writing frenzy
Posted On 06 Jul 2008
By Christine
A couple of days before July 1st I decided to participate in JulNoWriMo after my friend Lauren linked me to the site.

After toying with the idea of a new story (which I am still planning) I decided to work on Hearts Left Unbroken for the month. Mostly the decision came after I got a burst of inspiration and wrote a bunch of pages but then I remembered that I have technically been working on this story since March 2007 so that really made the decision for me.

I'm currently at over 9,500 but I have stuff that I've hand written but haven't typed so it's definitely more than that.

I'm really glad I decided to join the challenge, I hate waiting until November to do something like this!

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Screencap Section is now OPEN!
Posted On 21 May 2008
By Christine
After uploading caps and capping a few movies, the capture section of Hungarian Horntail is now online! There are 21 movies including Enchanted, Mad Money, The Breakfast Club and the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as the first season of The Office (US).

Since I've been capping about three years, I've used various methods and chosen various dimensions which you will notice as you look through the caps. Every so often I will be switching the caps that are displayed in the gallery but I will let you know when those times are.

All I ask is that if you use my captures for anything please credit so that others know where to find them. Do not claim them as your own and do not hotlink them.

You can find my screencaps here.

I hope you enjoy them!


Gossip Girl Here....
Posted On 07 May 2008
By Christine
My first ever site, Masi Oka Fan is currently up for adoption. Even though there's not much to update on, I just don't have the time for it right now so if someone else can do better, then I want them to have it. Of course if no one wants it then I'm just going to keep it and leave it on hiatus until probably the third season of Heroes premieres like I had originally intended on doing.

In happier news, while the screencap archive is still not yet up, it's coming along. Hopefully it will be up by the 19th with movie screencaps though not necessarily with any tv show screencaps. The movies I am hoping to have caps up for include Enchanted, Corpse Bride, Galaxy Quest, and so many more.

And finally I am really pleased to say that I've finally updated my LJ profile to show Hungarian Horntail as my website!


In Sickness and Success
Posted On 05 May 2008
By Christine
Yesterday was an... interesting day. I spent most of it sleeping on the couch after having been sick. Thankfully it was Sunday so both of my parents were around.

Upon waking up last night feeling much better though still feeling a bit wary of what I ate, I managed to not only upload images and download videos, but also install PHPMotion on one of my sites so it can have a streaming video archive! There's still a lot of work to be done of course, like uploading videos and customizing the template but that will come later. For now I'm just happy that I managed to install the script.

In other news my brother came home for the weekend to go to Bamboozle but I've only seen him for probably a grand total of less than 24 hours. In a few hours it's back to Arizona for him and I shall once again be an only child in this household.


DVD Lists Updated!
Posted On 29 Apr 2008
By Christine
After going on a two day vacation last week and ordering some new DVDs from Amazon, I have finally updated my list of DVDs with almost 30 new movies and added two seasons to my list of tv shows.

Other more exciting updates will be made within the next week or so.

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Birthday Wishes!
Posted On 28 Apr 2008
By Christine
A very happy 20th birthday to my best friend Lauren!

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Opening of Hungarian Horntail!
Posted On 24 Apr 2008
By Christine
Finally after months of work and putting work off, Hungarian Horntail is open! Well, not entirely as it is still under construction but I'm really pleased with what is up. Anyway, I hope people enjoy having a look around and I hope to have some more stuff up soon. :)

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